Duncanville is home. After moving to the area fifteen years ago, my husband and I chose to make Duncanville our home in 2013. We love this city for many of the same reasons you do: the small-town feel, the trees, creeks, and natural spaces, the beautiful parks and friendly neighborhoods. And within 15 minutes you can either be in Downtown Dallas or the open countryside.

Over the years I have built my business here, I have met a lot of people in the community, from industrial workers, homeschool moms, restaurant owners, teachers and students, artists and workers in the trades, to people enjoying their retirement years in Duncanville. All of them are grateful for the quality of life our town offers, and I am too.

We live here, we work here, and we invest in our community. My husband of 30 years teaches 11th grade English at Village Tech, my daughter and her husband (and our first grandchild) also live in Duncanville. I co-own a real estate brokerage with two other long-time Duncanville residents who believe in the importance of giving back to our community. I volunteer with the Duncanville Police Department and in 2018 received a Good Neighbor Award for our contributions to our community.

Duncanville is our home, and like you, I want our community to be safe and vibrant. Please reach out by phone (469-684-8384) or email. I would like to hear what is important to you, and answer your questions.