What I'm Hearing from You, My Neighbors
We live here because we love Duncanville. We see the challenges creeping in, and we want to head that off. We want to be able to shop in our own city, support vibrant local businesses, play safely in our parks, and be proud of ourselves as a diverse and unified city.

Recently there has been a resurgence of this camaraderie as hundreds of residents are making their voices heard regarding establishing a nature preserve in the heart of our city. I have been an advocate of the natural state of this land for several years, and am actively working on this project. I want you to know that I listen, I hear you, and one of the most important things to me is that we utilize the democratic process in our city. Your voice matters. I am committed to communication, transparency, and making sure that you are heard.

Duncanville has historically been a safe community with lower crime rates than other cities in the metroplex. Our police department is one of the best in north Texas with a track record of service and integrity. Citizens are concerned about crime creeping in from Dallas, which borders our city on three sides. I advocate for an approach that involves citizens working alongside our police to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Duncanville residents love our city and know that shopping locally and using local services increases our tax revenue and supports our neighbors who own local businesses. We want our Main Street to be revitalized and reflect who we are as a community. I will encourage the city council to work with the Duncanville Community & Economic Development Corporation and other departments to bring more businesses that are good for Duncanville and enhance the culture of our city.

Duncanville has intelligent people with good ideas in the community and at all levels of government. My leadership experience includes successfully bringing people from varying backgrounds and skill-sets together to think creatively about solutions to complex challenges. I know that working together as a community we can face the challenges before us and emerge more vibrantly than ever before. Duncanville's future is bright!