Thank you for your investment of time in the city council race. You want the best for our city, and this is just one example of how seriously you take that commitment. So, I thank you.

Like you, I love Duncanville. Duncanville is our home. Mac and I settled here in 2013 when our kids were teenagers. Before that we lived and worked in Northern Iraq, where we established a Non-Governmental- Organization for linguistic and translation work. We've been married for 30 years through many adventures across the US and abroad. And we chose Duncanville, Texas for our home. One of my greatest accomplishments was homeschooling our two children through high school. Our daughter is now married, and just gave birth to our first grandchild. And our son is working with Youth With A Mission. My husband teaches high school English at Village Tech, here in town, where he invests untold time and energy in our youth. I'm a residential real estate broker, and part owner of my company. Our brokerage has been well established in Duncanville for 18 years. I also serve on the Library Advisory Board and volunteer with the Police Department.

For a long time now, I have highlighted local businesses and entrepreneurs on social media through interviews and blog posts. I call it THIS is Duncanville, and the purpose is to bring attention to the good things happening in our city, the organizations that serve our community, the neighbors who help each other. In short, my family lives here, we work here, we serve here. This is our home. I love our neighbors. I love the city, and I love what I envision we can be. There is so much possibility here, but to get there, our home needs a bit of updating.

I'm concerned about rising crime creeping in from Dallas. Aren't you? I know some of you are. Because what I am hearing across the board is that residents have seen a shift and we no longer feel as safe as we did just a few years ago. Perceptions are important because they inform our beliefs and attitudes about our environment and influence our actions. But it's not just a Perception. In my District 3 neighborhood we hear gunfire several nights a week; eight years ago that wasn't the case. But I think we can do something about that to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe for our families and businesses.

Our police department is one of the best in North Texas, and we need to ensure they have the support and resources to maintain that excellence. One of the best things we ever did was attend the Citizen Police Academy. Mac and I came away with an even greater appreciation for the challenges our department faces on the street and the great lengths to which they go to educate and engage the public. I have always advocated for citizen involvement, and I will continue. Residents need to work hand in hand with the police to make sure their efforts to safeguard our community are successful.

The people of Duncanville want to be and feel safe, and we want a vibrant city we can be proud of. I'd like to give our downtown a facelift--We can revitalize the center of Duncanville. I can feel the possibility of what a fresh energy might bring. Can't you?

Duncanville's location is unique in several ways. I like to say we're at a crossroads, and in the literal sense that is one of our greatest assets. We sit at the intersection of I-20 and Hwy 67. Our northern gateway is one of the main arteries that crosses the country. The country! We must create a welcoming reason to get off the interstate and be drawn into a revitalized Main Street. We already have inklings of what that can look like at Main Station. Imagine that same vibrance from Camp Wisdom all the way to Danieldale! It's time to start thinking creatively and pursue ideas we've never considered.

Our location at the southwest corner of Dallas County also means we have a unique natural landscape. For a city that's 95% built out, one of the greatest features of our location is the land. Ten Mile Creek, with its ancient limestone, and riparian habitat runs right through the city. It's a little piece of the Hill Country right here in the metroplex. Establishing our largest remaining natural space as a Nature Preserve and connecting it to other parks and natural areas via a bike and trail system is important for our future.

Cities all over the country are looking for ways to incorporate green space into their city plan, and we already have it. From a revenue standpoint, the visitors we will attract and the goods and services they will purchase while they're here will greatly benefit our city. We must be ready for that by encouraging a mixture of local entrepreneurship and bringing in good restaurants and retail in a way that will enhance Duncanville's culture.

Duncanville has intelligent people with good ideas in the community and at all levels of government. Let's invite the conversations that will foster solutions and not complaints. Let's explore what we can do together. We are at a pivotal point in our city. The recent outpouring of interest in establishing a nature preserve brought the largest number of residents to a city council meeting in recent memory. We need to use that momentum to encourage citizens to become involved in the process on more than this issue. The people can positively affect the direction of our city if we will recognize our strength and be involved.

This is why I'm running to be your next mayor. I believe in Duncanville. I believe in you. I believe that our best days are ahead of us in these uncertain times. It just takes coming together and envisioning the future together. That's why I'm asking for your vote on May 7th.